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(Current Version: - March 11, 2011)

"Keep Me Posted" is an "IP Poster" that runs as a service.  It periodically checks a machine's IP address and takes action if a change is detected.  On newer operating systems it can detect the address changes as they happen.  It is capable of detecting a change due to either DHCP renewal or dial-up networking connection/disconnection.

In addition to checking a computer's address, it is capable of checking the address of an external router.  Alternatively it can use an external service to detect what address is in use.

When an address change is detected, KMP can send an email, upload a file (using FTP or FrontPage), or even submit a form using HTTP.

I use it to post my home machine's dynamic address to my static web address.  This gives me the ability to find my machine on the internet from anywhere.

Version 5 has had a number of enhancements and improvements.  Some of the more notable changes are as follows:

"Keep Me Posted" is freeware and comes with no warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk. I wrote it for myself because I couldn't find anything else like it (that ran as a service), but people have started expressing interest so I thought I'd make it available.

As previously mentioned, "Keep Me Posted" has always been, and continues to be freeware. Unfortunately, however, maintenance and distribution are starting to incur some expenses. For example, has begun charging a fee for having software listed with them. While I've always resisted taking any money or gifts for KMP, I now find myself being forced to reconsider. I would like to continue to make KMP available to anyone who wants it. However, I am not really in a position to incur expenses for software that brings in no revenue. What I have determined is that I would like to continue to support it as freeware, but that I will open up the possibility of donations toward the costs associated with its maintenance and distribution. My intent is that all profits above the expenses incurred will be donated to charity. To that end, if you have appreciated the work that goes into maintaining, supporting, and distributing KMP, I invite you to follow the following link where you can contribute using your credit card.

I also want to point out that KMP was intended, at least to a degree, as a "loss leader". I've been doing software development, both traditional and web based, professionally for nearly twenty years. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting projects to take on. If you or your company have software development projects with insufficient resources, and you appreciate KMP, I'd love to help. You can find more information, including my resume and contact information, elsewhere on this web site.

Even if you are unable to contribute, I would still appreciate a note telling me you're using it. My email address is below.


P.S.  I have also written a complementary ActiveX program which I use to update my LMHosts file automatically.  I have not documented or packaged it, so if you are interested in this program, please email me a request.

Mail For more information or to make comments, please contact me at:

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