"Keep Me Posted" Updates

Router Updates

Due to the proliferation of routers, it has become easier to release router updates individually, rather than include them by hard-coding them into "Keep Me Posted".  So, if you have a router that does not appear on the list already included in KMP, check the list below.  If it is on this list, follow the instructions below for adding a router.  If it is not, please contact the author to get yours added to the list.

Router State
ASUS RT-N12 Unconfirmed
Belkin F5D5230-4 Unconfirmed
Blitzz BRT200 NetCruiser - use UPnP Unconfirmed
D-Link DI-514 Unconfirmed
D-Link DI-624 v2.76 Unconfirmed
D-Link DI-704P Unconfirmed
D-Link DI-804HV Confirmed
Gnet NAT Confirmed
Linksys RT31P2 Confirmed
Linksys RVS4000 Thanks to Rory Ryan!
Linksys W11S4PC11 Unconfirmed
Linksys WCG200 ver.2 Confirmed
Linksys WT54G Unconfirmed
Motorola VT1000 Voice Terminal Unconfirmed
NetGear MR814v2 5.01 Unconfirmed
NetGear WPN824 Thanks to Michael Long!
Planet ADE-3100 Confirmed
SMC 7008BR Unconfirmed
SOHO WatchGuard Confirmed
Telkom ADSL 5100 Confirmed
USR8054 (1.64) Unconfirmed
Vonage RTP300 Unconfirmed
WESTELL ProLine 6100 Unconfirmed
Zoom X5 Confirmed

To install a router update, download the zip file provided and drop the "routers.xml" file into the subdirectory where you've installed KMP.  By default this is "C:\Program Files\Keep Me Posted".  Once the file is there, the new router should appear in the list in KMP.

Also, if you use one of the above routers and can confirm that the file provided works, an email to that effect would be appreciated!

Unpublicized Updates

These are updates that have been made to "Keep Me Posted" that have not yet been uploaded to the major distribution points.  They should be just as stable as the major version, and will be rolled into the next distributed version.

3/11/2011 (none) The release version is up-to-date.

Hopefully some day...


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