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If you fill out and submit the form below with a valid email address, you will immediately receive a note telling you how to get rid of the registration screen.

Hi! My name is Bradley Plett, and I wrote KMP. I'm just an average guy who makes a living not from KMP, but from writing software for clients. KMP is my hobby.

I like to maintain that KMP is freeware, and you are more than welcome to continue to use it freely. I'm not trying to get rich on the earnings from KMP - I'm trying to get rich from a day job (though that's not really working out either :-( However, the cruel reality is that it costs me money to support, maintain, and distribute KMP. So, if you value programs like this, I would value your contribution towards the cause. :-)

If you choose not to contribute, I'd still REALLY appreciate a little note telling me you're using it and, if you don't mind, what province/state/country you're from. Yes, I do get a bit of a kick out of the idea that my software may be in use all over the world! :-)

So, won't you take the few seconds it costs you to fill out this form?

Oh, I think you're wonderful and everything you do is wonderful and please accept everything I own in gratitude!
I like KMP so much that I'm going to tell all of my friends and some of my enemies and will give you money to keep pushing it.
I like your software and would like to contribute toward the cause.
I like your software, but I can't really afford even a small contribution right now.
Sorry - I can't be bothered.
This software may be good, but I'm a cheapskate and don't feel like helping anybody!
Go away! I have my own problems!
This software is CRAP and you're an idiot! I'm uninstalling it immmediately and purging it from my machine forever.

From (city/province/state/country):   - hey - I'm just curious

Email:   - don't worry, I won't send you more that 12 pieces of spam per day! Seriously, though, I'm just another guy who doesn't like spam. I use this to send out upgrade notices, which I've sent very infrequently in the past.  Besides, if you don't give me your email address, you won't get the secret key!  :-)

 I'll give you my email address, but DON'T send me any upgrade notices EVER!!!

Remember, if you fill out (and submit, of course :-) this form, I'll tell you how to get rid of the registration tab in the configuration program forever - even if you DON'T contribute!


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