General Tab

The general tab is used for general configuration.

Delay (Seconds) - the amount of time between checks.  KMP is event-driven, which, on newer operating systems, means that it should automatically detect address changes.  However, the automatic detection is only available on internal cards, not on an external router nor when using external address detection.  Also, automatic detection may not be available (e.g. on an older operating system).  In all of these cases, KMP needs this parameter to tell it how frequently to check the addresses.  Note that if this parameter is zero, it will loop continuously.

Force Update Each Loop - makes KMP send an update each time it checks the addresses, even if no changes have taken place.

Log To Event Log - sets the amount of information logged to the operating system's event log.  On operating systems that do not have event logs, this control is disabled.

Log To File - sets the amount of information logged to the specified log file.

Log File Name - the name of the file to be used for event logging.  The resultant output is a plain-text file.

Cards to monitor - a list of available network interfaces in the machine.  Note that in order for a dial-up connection to appear in this list, the dial-up connection must first be established.  Note also that the numbers are not necessarily consecutive nor do they necessarily start at zero.  These numbers are assigned by the operating system, and only used (not assigned) by KMP.

External Router - KMP supports a few routers natively.  This selection determines which router type is to be used.

External Address Detection - if checked, KMP will attempt to determine the address from an external service.  Click here for more information.

[Save] - saves any changes made, but does not exit the configuration program.

[OK] - saves the settings and exits the configuration program.  Note that the configuration is read each time Keep Me Posted performs a loop, so changes made will take effect immediately.  The service does not need to be restarted, although if the delay time is high, it may be desirable to do so (or to send a Reset or Recheck command).

[Cancel] - cancels any changes made and exits the configuration program.