(Current Version: Beta - July 4, 2006)

"Tithe" is a freeware program designed for charitable organizations to assist in the data entry of contributions.  It is intended to be very easy to use and limited in functionality and scope.

"Tithe" is a program that I wrote for our local church back in the early 90's as a simple data entry program.  It has always been a DOS program, but has been growing increasingly out-of-date as a result.  So, I've finally gotten around to updating it and migrating it to a Windows platform.  It's still not quite ready for prime time, but this is an easy way to distribute it and make it available for testers.

If you have any interest in it, please feel free to download it and kick the tires.  It is intended to be free and, as a result, comes with limited support.  (I fully intend to support it as time permits, but.... :-)  It presently has no documentation nor help.

If you feel this program would be useful to you, I'd love to hear from you!  If you would like to see additional features or changes, please let me know and I'll try to get to them.

Here's the link to the download.  All it should take to run is extracting the zip file into a subdirectory and running the executable.  Someday I hope to provide an installer, but hopefully the simplicity of the installation process is sufficient for now.

God bless!

P.S.  The only prerequisite to running "Tithe" (besides Windows itself) is ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), which is part of Microsoft's MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components).  This is installed by default on newer versions of Windows.  However, if you have an older version of Windows, or would like to stay current with ADO, you may need to visit Microsoft's MDAC site.

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