Bradley Plett's Resume


In addition to a B.Sc. and MCSE certification, I have over thirty years of professional experience in Information Technology, including programming, systems analysis, application architecture, cloud application development, network and workstation architecture, web development, and data warehousing.

The depth and diversity of my experience enhance my innate understanding of computing technology, and provide me with a solid foundation for the work that I do.  The fact that I derive pleasure from software development also helps me achieve excellence in my professional career.


Most recently I have worked as an application architect, technical team lead, mentor, and senior developer.

My previous accomplishments have included Windows Server specialist, server technology analyst, departmental computer coordinator, and systems analyst.


I have demonstrated proficiencies in:

·         MS Visual Studio .NET (C#; web services, including REST, WCF, SOAP, XML; WPF; XAML; Xamarin; Maui; Winforms, Entity Framework)

·         Microsoft Azure (App Services, Service Bus, SQL, Storage)

·         MS Visual Basic (VB), Borland Delphi, Java, Fortran, Python

·         MS Internet Information Server (IIS), Sun Java Web Server

·         Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages (JSP), VBScript, JavaScript

·         MS SQL Server, ADO, OLEDB, ODBC, SQL, Oracle, OODB (db4o)

·         COM, ActiveX

·         MS Windows server and workstation (all versions)


·         MS BizTalk, IBM MQSeries

·         MS SharePoint, SharePoint WebParts


1981-1985                              University of Alberta                                   Edmonton, AB

Bachelor of Science

·         Major – Mathematics

·         Minor – Computing Science


Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Professional Experience

July, 2021-Mar., 2023  S.I. Systems/United Farmers of Alberta                           Calgary, AB

Senior Solution Architect / Azure Developer

·         Assisted in a major data migration from an obsolete system to SAP.  This included significant data analysis, writing utility applications, and ETL work.

·         Migrated legacy applications from Java and PowerShell to .NET (C#).

·         Exposed a legacy application, via REST endpoints and Azure APIM, for authorizing and completing transactions from fuel pumps.

·         Created web services that run on Azure and provide endpoints for retrieving pricing information, which are used in real time by fuel pumps.

·         Provided extensive mentorship to junior staff.

May, 2020-June, 2021          Westgate Technology Corp.                                      Delta, BC

Architect, Tech Lead, Senior Developer

·         Architected, designed, and developed a solution that combined mobile devices, data loggers, gateways, cloud-based services, back-end application and database servers, a full API, and a variety of thin and thick clients in a broad IoT application for distributed data collection, processing, and visualization. Technologies included Azure IoT, Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, C#, Xamarin, React.

·         Introduced and implemented numerous new technologies, patterns, and practices to and for the client.

·         Mentored junior staff.

Dec., 2018-Jan., 2020             FinneyTaylor/Enerflex                                       Calgary, AB

Senior Developer

·         Designed and developed interfaces, services, and interactions between CAD software and SAP.  This software takes CAD drawings and sends the components to SAP for procurement.

·         Architected, designed, and developed a solution to use Azure services to distribute the processing required to map and transmit data to SAP.

·         Migrated a significant .NET Framework codebase to .NET Standard and .NET Core.

Jan., 2014-Sept., 2018       Beta Machinery Analysis/Wood                                Calgary, AB

Architect and Senior Developer

·         Architected, designed, and developed a sophisticated, cloud-based simulation solver.  This solver uses a number of Azure services that allow it to use cloud resources and be accessed globally while protecting valuable intellectual property.

·         Architected, designed, and developed a front-end tool that interfaces with a simulation solver and allows configuration of the model for reciprocating compressor analysis.

·         Maintained a wide variety of custom software applications using a variety of old and new technologies, including Fortran and Python.

June, 2013-March, 2014              R2 Solutions, Inc.                                          Calgary, AB

Architect and Senior Developer

·         Participated in the architecture, design, and development of a cutting-edge cloud-based video analysis and repository system.

·         Enhanced and maintained an oil well documentation system.

August, 2012-Present             Digital Scoresheet, Inc.                                       Calgary, AB

Architect and Senior Developer

·         Architected, designed, and developed an application to replace paper scoresheets in hockey.  This application consists of an Azure web services and Azure SQL back end. The user interface was originally Silverlight but has become a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application hosted in the Windows Store.  It is presently being ported to a mobile (Android and Apple) app.

September, 2010-May, 2013            Weatherford                                              Calgary, AB

Architect and Senior Developer

·         Architected and designed a well logging application.  The application provides the client with the capability of visualizing and analyzing oil well log data.  It is written in C#, with an object-oriented database (db4o).  The presentation layer is done in WPF, using a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.

·         Developed a plug-in framework, using Microsoft’s MEF, to support a modular database design and allow for a variety of database modules to be used by the application.

·         Mentored more junior staff in software development best practices.

May, 2009-August, 2010                                       Calgary, AB

Architect and Senior Developer

·         Architected and designed the primary application, services, and web site for this startup.  This application provides a variety of clients access to a central database of information.  It uses WCF to provide the services.  It is written in C# and uses a MS-SQL Server database.

·         Developed a variety of clients for accessing central database services.  These include clients written in WPF and Silverlight, and support both Windows and Mac operating systems.

·         Integrated services with a number of providers, including SharePoint and forms-based membership.

July, 2008-April, 2009      S.I. Systems/SUBNET Solutions                                Calgary, AB

Senior .NET Developer/Lead

·         Architected and designed the foundation for a new enterprise server application (EnterpriseSERVER.NET).  This application provides the framework for a security solution that includes a connection bridge component for attaching to remote devices.  It is written in C# and uses a SQL Server database.  It uses a SOA model to distribute functionality between tiers.  The web services use WCF.

·         Developed an administration utility for securing modem to modem communications.

·         Prototyped a number of technology solutions including SharePoint, WPF, and Silverlight.

July, 2006-June, 2008   Roam Information Technologies, Inc.                            Calgary, AB

Senior Developer/Interface Specialist

·         Developed a billing application for ambulance personal care records.  This application is written in C# and uses a SQL Server 2005 database.

·         Developed a variety of systems that provide business-to-business (B2B) functionality.  These primarily consist of web services on the server, and diverse client applications.

February, 2004-May, 2006        Cognera Corporation                                        Calgary, AB

Architect and Senior Developer

·         Architected, designed, and developed a large business-to-business (B2B) system that is responsible for all of Cognera’s trading partner interactions.  This system began as Use Cases and UML.  It is written in VB.NET and uses an Oracle database.  The server uses multi-threading extensively, and communicates through a variety of protocols.  Web services are used to allow the server to communicate to a number of different clients.

·         Provided architectural and technical leadership, as well as mentoring, to a team of developers.

·         Enhanced a variety of systems that provide invoicing services to large utility companies.  The systems were a variety of Windows and web applications written in VB.NET and running against an Oracle database.

Jan., 2004-Feb., 2014         Southside Community Church                                 Calgary, AB


·         Set up and maintained a SharePoint portal.

·         Enhanced the SharePoint portal with custom WebParts and custom .NET processes.

January-December, 2003           OpenLatitude, Inc.                              Mountain View, CA

Chief Architect/Engineer

·         Architected a complex order management system.  This system is written in VB.NET, and includes components in MS SQL Server, MS Exchange, MS IIS, and MS BizTalk.  It also uses ADO.NET, ASP.NET, and MS InfoPath.  Some of the code was generated using Iron Speed Designer.  Reporting is handled using Crystal Reports for .NET, and the user interface was primarily MS Outlook, including MS Digital Dashboard technology.

·         Led a team of senior engineers in developing an enterprise application in Microsoft .NET.

March-December, 2002         ASAP/SBC/Pacific Bell                                    Oakland, CA

Team Lead/Data Warehouse Analyst/Web Developer

·         Led a team of senior developers on a variety of data warehouse and web development projects.

·         Developed an ETL (extract, transform, load) for a new feed to the data warehouse using a combination of MS SQL Server stored procedures, MS SQL Server Agent, and VBScript.

2001-2002                                  Delcom/UCSF                                   San Francisco, CA

Web Developer

·         Designed and developed a recharge system for the University’s Cancer Center.  This system was written using Visual Studio.NET (VB.NET and ADO.NET) against MS SQL Server.

·         Developed a prototype for a work order processing system.

2000-2002                           Sono Group/Pacific Bell                               San Ramon, CA

Application Architect/Web Developer

·         Architected and developed a complex order entry input system.  The architecture on which the system was built is now being considered division-wide as the standard on which numerous other applications will be built.  It consists of a sophisticated form engine and a workflow component.  It uses a variety of internet technologies, most notably XML, ActiveX, DHTML, JavaScript, and ASP, and had a SQL Server back end.

·         Architected and developed a service to poll a message queue (IBM MQSeries) and a web front end to query the results.

·         Developed a number of web services in Java.

1999-2000                                ASAP/Pacific Bell                                        Oakland, CA

Technical Team Lead/Web Developer

·         Led a team of senior developers on a variety of web development projects.

·         Developed web-based reports as a front end to a data warehouse.  These were written using server-side scripts (ASP) and ADO/OLEDB.

·         Configured several Windows NT clusters.

·         Developed a system for tracking substance abuse test results.  This system was written in MS Visual Basic, and used FTP with encryption to transfer results over the internet.  It also had a web front end for scheduling tests and viewing results.

1999                                           PinPoint AVL                                             Calgary, AB

Web Developer

·         Created a process to enable interactive, web-based vehicle location using a combination of GPS, cellular modems, and mapping software.

·         Designed a web site for real-time reports, using technologies such as Microsoft IIS, ASP, ADO, and Visual InterDev.

·         Designed and developed an NT Service in Delphi to do real-time data imports into a database.

1999                          3ge Development/                            Calgary, AB

Application Developer

·         Designed and developed a real-time Internet stock quote program.  The software consisted of a Delphi client running against a Java server.

1998-1999                            Net Effect Systems Ltd.                              Los Angeles, CA

Customer Engineer/Web Developer

·         Customized software for clients using Java and JavaScript.

·         Developed a client application using Delphi.

·         Created a successful trade show demonstration of web technologies surrounding a customer support product.

1998                                    MetroNet Solutions Inc.                                      Calgary, AB

NT Specialist

·         Senior technical lead in a project to standardize Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98 workstations.

1996-1997                             TransCanada Pipelines                                       Calgary, AB

NT Specialist

·         Senior technical lead in the project to standardize the corporate workstations on Windows NT and Novell NetWare.  This project migrated users from Windows 3.x and Macintosh platforms.

1995-1996                        Nova Corporation of Alberta                                  Calgary, AB

Server Technology Analyst

·         Senior technical lead in the project to design the corporation's next generation desktop and LAN environment.  Specialized in server, network, and workstation design, with a view to standardize 3000+ desktops and 30+ LAN servers using Microsoft Windows NT and TCP/IP with DHCP, WINS, and DNS.

1992-1995                        Nova Corporation of Alberta                                  Calgary, AB

Senior Department Computer Coordinator

·         Planned, designed, implemented and managed the computing environment for an engineering department.  This included such issues as network topology, integration into a wide area network, and server and client operating systems, platforms, and tools.

1987-1992                        Nova Corporation of Alberta                             Edmonton, AB

Systems Analyst

·         Performed system analysis, specification, design, implementation, testing, and support on a variety of engineering systems.

1985-1987                        Deltek Software Systems Ltd.                             Edmonton, AB

Programmer Analyst

·         Worked as a member of a project team developing a cost-control system.  This was a large database application written in a fourth-generation language.

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