The HTTP tab is used for HTTP configuration.

Send HTTP - if checked, KMP will attempt to communicate to a server using HTTP.  This is, in essence, similar to submitting a form from a web page.

Method - can be "Post" or "Get".  The setting for this is dictated by the server receiving the submittal.  "Post" sends the information in the header, whereas "Get" appends it to the URL.

URL - the URL to which the address information is to be sent.

Parameters - the template used to provide the address information.  This string must already be encoded.  Multiple parameters are separated with an ampersand.

[DynDNS Wizard] - pops up a dialog box that makes using DynDNS easier.  The dialog box is as follows:

Username/Password - DynDNS account information.

Hostname - the name to configure at DynDNS (e.g. yourhost.ourdomain.ext).

Myip - the KMP token used to provide the address information.



An example of where an HTTP upload would be useful is the service from A wizard is provided that will configure KMP for a simple upload to DynDNS.  Alternatively, to configure for their service manually, the following settings should work:

Method:  Get


Parameters:  system=dyndns&hostname=yourhost.ourdomain.ext&myip=%ipaddress_r%&wildcard=OFF&backmx=NO&offline=NO