The FTP tab is used for FTP configuration.

Send File (FTP) - if checked, KMP will attempt to upload a file using FTP.

Passive - if checked KMP will attempt passive-mode FTP transfers.  Most situations do not require this mode, but if you can't get your FTP transfer to work, it may be worth trying this.

FTP Server - the address of the server.  Either a name or an address should work.

Port - the port to use to communicate with the server.  The default port for FTP is 21.

Account/Password - used in authentication to the FTP server.  Note that the password will not display in the form, but will be stored in the registry in plain text format. This may be a security problem for some people.

File Name - the name of the file to be uploaded.

Subdirectory - the subdirectory to be used.  This can, of course, be left blank in order to put the file in the root of the ftp site.  This field will accept either "/" or "\" as a separator.

HTML - the template used to provide the address information.